UI/SLOAN National Community

The goal of the SLOAN UCEMs is to increase the number of US citizens from minority backgrounds who earn doctoral degrees in STEM fields and our UI/Sloan UCEM intends to work toward this goal by building on the proven strategies that have made our Alliance a success in the mathematical sciences.  Our first step will be to build a national network of mentors at colleges and universities that serve a significant number of undergraduate and Master’s level minority students who are eager to see that those of their students who have the ability and the desire to earn a doctoral degree in STEM have every chance to do so. 

Our strategy is to build close ties with faculty at schools that serve significant numbers of minority undergraduate students.  These faculty, called UI/Sloan Predoctoral Mentors, form a national network of passionate and dedicated leaders in the effort to increase the number of US minority students who earn doctoral degrees in STEM fields.  This national community connects our Center to undergraduate students with an interest in pursuing a PhD in a STEM field.

UI/Sloan Predoctoral Mentors nominate students at their home institution for the predoctoral scholars program.  Those students are then matched with a Sloan faculty member here at UI and we work together with that student as they learn about and/or prepare for graduate programs.  When the student is ready to apply to graduate school, the UI Sloan faculty member will work with the student’s predoctoral mentor to ensure that the student enters a graduate program that is best for them.  Of course we hope that many of these students will enter programs at the University of Iowa but our goal is that each student will find the ideal fit.