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  • Attendees at the Field of Dreams conference in Phoenix, AZ, November 3-5, 2013.


  • Miles Dietz, Colleen Mitchell and Phil Kutzko with one of the University of Iowa's Herky statues.

    The University of Iowa is dedicated to building a university-wide network of faculty committed to minority outreach and education, composed of 174 senior researchers across 25 STEM departments and programs. With the goal of making minority scholars 10 percent of all STEM Ph.D. recipients by 2022, the faculty network will focus on preparing minority students for success in graduate programs.

  • Image of three students discussing a solution to a problem.

    We are pleased to welcome the 2014/15 University of Iowa Sloan Scholars.  These twelve scholars represent some of the brightest students in STEM fields from across the country. We are looking forward to working closely with them towards their success in obtaining their PhD.